Solare Hotels and Resorts Website Terms of Service

In the following, Solare Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) establishes the “Solare Hotels and Resorts Chain Website “Terms of Use” (the “Agreement”) of the Company’s Website “Solare Hotels and Resorts Website” (the “Site”). By using this service you will be deemed as agreeing to the terms of this Agreement.

Article 1 (Definitions)

1. Only if you agree to all the terms of the agreement, we offer an online booking service through our website for booking a room at one of the hotels of the Solare Hotels and Resorts chain.
2. “Online booking” means a room reservation made through our online booking system on this Site.
3. “Online booker” means someone who has booked his or her stay at our hotel using the online booking system on our Site in accordance with the procedure set forth on the Site.
4. “Online booking information” means the history data of the online booker as well as his or her personal information registered at the time of making the room reservation through the online booking system.

Article 2 (Online Booking)

If you wish to make a reservation via this Site, you must register on the Site using the prescribed procedure, in order for the online booker to make a reservation as well as change or cancel a reservation (hereinafter referred to as ”Booking, etc.”), the online booker must complete the procedures necessary to make a Booking, etc. on this Site. The Booking, etc. will be completed after the online booker has received a confirmation e-mail from the hotel.

Article 3 (Prohibited Acts)

The online booker shall provide only accurate and true online booking information, and, regardless of the reasons, shall not make a false registration. If there are any false statements in the online booker’s registered information, the reservation may be cancelled without prior consent of the online booker concerned.

Article 4 (Damage Claims)

If a user of this Site, including online bookers, has breached the Agreement, causing damage to the Company, a hotel of the chain, or a third party, the Company or, respectively, the hotel belonging to the hotel chain is entitled to claim compensation from the user of the Site, including online bookers, for any damages incurred.

Article 5 (Fees, etc.)

There are no registration fees, usage fees, or annual fees for the use of this Site, and online booking. However, when making an online booking, an accommodation fee, a service charge, taxes, etc. may be added to your bill, depending on which hotel you stay in. In addition, the online booker must follow the rules of the hotel in which he or she is staying.

Article 6 (Security Measures)

1. The “online booking screen” on this Site is secured with SSL (encryption), but this does not guarantee full security.
2. At the time of Booking, etc., the online booker shall provide his or her personal information entirely at his or her own risk. The Company does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by the leakage of personal information, etc. that may occur due to unauthorised access by a third party.

Article 7 (Handling of Personal Information)

1. The Company will make use of the online booking information only for the following purposes:
(a) To accept and manage the Booking, etc. of the online booker
(b) Other than that, to manage the information when the online booker is subscribed to a campaign, etc.
(c) To provide information about this hotel chain by direct mail, etc. (only with prior consent)
2. The Company will do this in an appropriate manner, so as not to leak any online booking information to any third party.
3. No online booking information will be disclosed to any third party other than business partners who have entered into a non-disclosure agreement with the Company. However, the Company may disclose information without prior consent of the online booker if any of the following situations arise:
(a) If it has the consent of the online booker
(b) If there is a request for disclosure based on laws and regulations
(c) If it is determined by the public that the Company is required to protect the interests, rights, etc. of the facility or a third party, or if there are other legitimate reasons

Article 8 (Change or Discontinuation of the Service)

Under unavoidable circumstances, or if determined to be necessary by the Company, the Company may change, suspend, or discontinue all or part of the services without prior notice to the users of this Site, including online bookers. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage to the users of this Site, including online bookers, that may be caused as a result of this.

Article 9 (Change of the Terms of Service)

The Company may modify all or part of this Agreement without prior notice to the users of this Site, including online bookers. Using the Site after the Terms have changed means you accept the changed Terms. However, the Company will make an announcement to the users of this Site, including online bookers, and post information about the changes on the Site in a timely manner.

Article 10 (Effective Date of Agreement)

The Agreement is entered into effective as of April 1, 2005.